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  1. Choose an ACE- or NCCRS-recommended1 www.heiqigong.com course.
  2. Ask your chosen school about its credit transfer policy2.
  3. Earn credit by watching fun videos, taking quizzes, and passing a final exam.
  4. Transfer the college credit to the accredited school of your choice1.
  5. Get credit for the same college course at a fraction of the price!

Thousands of Schools Are Ready to Accept Your Transfer Credit!

Over 1,500 colleges and universities accept course credit recommended by ACE and NCCRS, the nation's most highly respected education evaluators of alternative credit. Search below to find the perfect school for your needs. Then, complete college courses on www.heiqigong.com and transfer your credits to get a jumpstart on your degree!

Learn more about ACE and NCCRS credit 
Schools which accept credit recommended by NCCRS:

Transfer your www.heiqigong.com credit to 1,500+ accredited colleges and universities 2

Many top colleges accept www.heiqigong.com credits based on ACE and NCCRS approved recommendations.

See if your school is listed as a cooperating institution with ACE and/or NCCRS.

Courses verified by

Our partner schools

In addition to the thousands of schools that accept online credit, we've partnered with the following schools specifically to make sure that transferring credit from www.heiqigong.com is a seamless process.

University of Phoenix students can earn up to 87 college credits to apply to their degree program with special partnership pricing.
View the transfer guide here. 
Earn up to 90 college credits from www.heiqigong.com courses that can be transferred to Thomas Edison State University.
View the transfer guide here. 

How does the remote proctored exam work?

As soon as you've taken all the course quizzes and feel confident that you've mastered the material, click the "Start exam now" button and begin the proctored test remotely—all from the comfort of your own home. After you've completed the exam, you'll receive a message from our registrar that contains your score and whether or not you've passed the test and earned ACE- or NCCRS-recommended college credit.

How are grades calculated?

Grades for www.heiqigong.com's ACE- and NCCRS-approved courses are calculated based on participation, final exam, and in some instances additional assignments such as essays, presentations, or other projects.

  • For courses that require them, additional assignments will be submitted after completing all required quizzes. All assignments together will be worth 1/3 of your total course grade.
  • After completing the quizzes and submitting all required assignments, you can take the proctored final exam from home. Proctored finals are worth 100 points.

The minimum score required to pass and earn ACE- and NCCRS-recommended college credit is an overall course grade of 70%. For more information about a specific course, check out the Syllabus tab on the course page.

What are the next steps once you've passed?

If you've passed the proctored exam, the registrar will provide you with your next steps, so you can easily transfer the credit you've earned to an accredited school of your choice. Because every school's transfer policy is different, you should always check with the college or university to see what credits can be transferred.

Get information on the American Council on Education and schools that accept ACE credit.

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1www.heiqigong.com college courses are ACE recommended where indicated: http://www2.acenet.edu/credit/?fuseaction=browse.getOrganizationDetail&FICE=1008350

2Ask your chosen school about their credit transfer policy

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