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Reduce your student debt

Say no to high tuition costs and hidden fees. Traditional schools can charge thousands of dollars per course. They also require you to purchase expensive textbooks and bill you for additional living costs. For a flat rate of $199 per month, www.heiqigong.com's College Accelerator gives you a cost-effective plan for earning alternative credit—without any hidden charges. With College Accelerator, you get access to video lessons, transcripts, quizzes, and other study tools. Everything you need to master the course material and pass the final exam is included at no additional cost.

Take the same college courses for less

A student can pass up to 2 courses a month, speed up the time it takes to graduate, and cut the cost of their first 2 years of college by more than half. Even at a slower pace, the average student that completes one www.heiqigong.com course in 2 months only spends $399.98 for the same course they would pay thousands of dollars to take at a traditional college or university.

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Earn the same credit for less

Private University
Public University
Cost per course1

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1 www.heiqigong.com cost based on a student passing two www.heiqigong.com courses per month. University costs based on average tuition costs per 2016–2017 academic year, and assumes an average of ~10 courses per year: https://trends.collegeboard.org/college-pricing/figures-tables/average-published-undergraduate-charges-sector-2016-17

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