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What is ACE?

As the nation's leading authority on higher education issues and policy, the American Council on Education (ACE) is charged with evaluating nontraditional forms of learning for transfer credit recommendation. Thousands of universities and colleges across the nation trust ACE recommendations when determining transfer course equivalencies to their institutions.

We work with a team of exceptional instructors to produce video lessons that not only meet, but exceed national standards. That's why each of our credit-recommended courses has been evaluated by the ACE and approved for transfer credit.

All credit-recommended courses undergo a thorough quality evaluation by a team of university faculty working in collaboration with the ACE credit team. Each approved course has been successfully evaluated and is therefore recommended by ACE for credit transfer.

Following successful completion of a course, you can request your transcript from ACE to submit the course for credit at your college or university. Hundreds of colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT recommendations in determining if the credit will transfer to their school's course and degree programs.

Explore 217 ACE recommended courses1 in every major subject

What is NCCRS?

The National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) evaluates non-collegiate learning experiences for possible college credit recommendations. Their mission is to provide access to a variety of educational opportunities to non-traditional students and adult learners by recognizing learning that occurs outside of the college classroom.

All NCCRS evaluated courses undergo extensive review to ensure academic rigor and high instructional quality. College professors (who serve as subject matter experts) determine if the courses are equivalent to similar college level courses and if credit recommendations are warranted.

Based on these decisions, students have the opportunity to earn college credit recommendations at 1,500 colleges and universities around the country. Upon successful completion of a course, students request an official transcript from in order to begin the transfer process.

Explore 145 NCCRS recommended courses2

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