How to Write a Persuasive Product Advertisement

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  • 0:05 Thinking About Presentation
  • 0:25 The AIDA Principles
  • 0:56 Think About Your Audience
  • 1:21 Include Supporting Evidence
  • 3:35 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Millie van der Westhuizen

Millie is currently working in tertiary education, whilst completing her master's degree in English Studies.

In this lesson, you will learn how to write a persuasive product advertisement using the AIDA principle, and how supporting evidence will assist you in persuading your reader.

Thinking About Persuasion

Have you ever tried to persuade your parents into getting you something you really wanted? How would you go about convincing them if they said 'no'?

In the world of advertising, persuasion is an attempt to influence someone into buying something by convincing them that they need or want it. So how do advertisers do this? And how can you do this when asked to write a persuasive advertisement?

The AIDA Principles

For years, people have been making use of what is called the AIDA principle when writing advertisements. AIDA is an acronym that stands for:

A - Attention

I - Interest

D - Desire

A - Action

This acronym reminds you of what you need to achieve: Grab the reader's attention, make them curious about or interested in your product, get them to want it, and then to act on their desire. Once you have gotten someone's attention using an eye-catching heading or image, the body copy, the main text of the advertisement, should use supporting evidence to persuade them.

Think About Your Audience

Before you write (or perhaps even draw) anything, it's important to think about the person you imagine you're convincing. In advertising, this is called your target market. What age group does this person fall in? Is the product for men, women, or both? What interest or aspect of the person's lifestyle do you think makes the product right for them?

Your target market will determine what kind of language and evidence you will use in your advertisement.

Include Supporting Evidence

Convincing a potential customer of the value of your product requires more than playing on their emotions. These days, people encounter so much information every day that they rely on facts more than ever. Supporting evidence, in the form of information backing up your claim that the reader needs to buy your product, is an important part of persuasion in advertising.

Try some of the following tricks when writing a persuasive product advertisement:

1. Make a bold claim or statement

This suggests that you have a lot of confidence in your product, which will in turn give your reader confidence in it. For example, ''Freshtables' freshly-squeezed vegetable juice will change your life!''

2. Use endorsements

Having an expert or a celebrity support your product will give people the impression that it is high quality. If it's good enough for Justin Bieber, or a medical professional, then it must be good!

3. Use statistics and facts to give your argument validity

If nine out of 10 people have a certain problem, chances are good that your reader is one of those nine! Some unscrupulous advertisers use misleading statistics, so do your research. Your credibility, that is, the extent to which people believe you, will be higher if you make use of real studies. For example, ''Recent studies have found that 85% of Americans are not getting their necessary daily nutrients.''

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