Safety Management: Roles, Responsibilities & Lines of Authority

Instructor: Adela Mancera Lorenzo
In this lesson, you will be able to learn and understand the roles and responsibilities of the safety manager, and those next in line including the safety action group and employees.

Understanding Safety Management

Marco is a safety officer for Homes Construction. He wants to understand the differences in roles between safety managers, officers like himself, and employees.

First, Marco must know that employers, managers, supervisors, and employees have assigned roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the health and safety program, and they are all held accountable in carrying out these responsibilities in this system. The success of an effective health and safety management is not the sole responsibility of the safety management, but of everyone within the company.

Lines of Authority, Roles and Responsibilities

Ella has presented Marco a line of authority they have set up at Homes Construction from the safety manager to the safety action group and employees.

Safety Manager

The safety manager is the person in charge of the development of the health and safety program, and the first in the line of authority in this department. This person provides vision, ensures necessary resources are available for the program, and provides leadership.


  • Set goals and objectives for the health and safety program, aiming to improve workplace safety
  • Advise top management in health and safety matters
  • Train and assist line managers, supervisors, and workers
  • Ensure the business complies with all health and safety legislation
  • Maintain safety documents and write safety reports for the improvement of the program
  • Ensure proper documentation of accident investigations
  • Provide appropriate equipment and training concerning First Aid
  • Facilitate hazard identification and risk analysis in the workplace
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the health and safety program
  • Communicate the health and safety program expectations to everybody involved within the company

Safety Action Group

The safety action group consists of safety and health technicians, safety officers, supervisors, or any other person in authority over employees, like team leaders. The role of this group is to help the safety manager implement the health and safety program.


  • Enforce safety regulations
  • Ensure workers are using proper safety protection for their job tasks
  • Provide training to employees
  • Assist with incident investigations
  • Monitor safety performance in workers
  • Assist with safety audits
  • Support workers with any health and safety matters

The safety action group will report back to the safety manager. They will keep open communication between workers and management in the improvement of the health and safety program.


It is essential that employees accept, implement, and participate in every aspect of the health and safety program; without them, it cannot succeed.


  • Implement the health and safety program
  • Report hazards, incidents, near misses, and unsafe conditions
  • Participate and assist in site inspections
  • Avoid taking shortcuts by following established regulations and procedures
  • Stay safe

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