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AEPA Exams: Passing Scores

If you would like to become an educator in the state of Arizona, you must pass the relevant exams in the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (AEPA) program. These include AEPA tests as well as National Evaluation Series (NES) exams.

The score for each AEPA exam is calculated as a result between 100 and 300. You will need to earn a minimum score of 240 in order to pass these exams. Some exams have multiple sections, such as a performance assignment section and a selected-response section. In that case, your score will be calculated by combining your performance on each of these sections according to a pre-determined scale.

For example, on the Professional Knowledge - Early Childhood exam, your scaled score performance on the selected-response section is multiplied by .9. Your scaled score performance on the performance assignment section is multiplied by .1. Then, these two results are added together to achieve your final score. Scores on other exams, like the Reading Endorsement tests and the Principal and Superintendent tests, are arrived at using a different scale.

For the NES exams, the score is also calculated as a result between 100 and 300. In order to pass an NES exam, you will need to earn a minimum score of 220.

Score Reports

Once you have taken an exam, you will receive a score report that provides information regarding your performance on the test. In addition to providing you with your overall score out of 300, the score report provides a breakdown of your performance on each section or subarea of the exam.

This diagnostic is particularly helpful if you do not pass the exam, as it can help you identify the areas that you should focus more attention on if you decide to retake the exam.

The date on which you receive your score report depends on the type of test you take. AEPA score reports are released once or twice a month. For NES exams that include multiple-choice questions only, you will learn your score on the day you take the test, and your score report will be sent two weeks after the exam. For exams with constructed responses, you score report will be sent within four weeks of the exam.

Earning a High Score

While it is critical to know what the minimum passing score is and how that score is calculated for each AEPA test, it is perhaps more important to adequately prepare for the exams in order to ensure you can achieve the passing score. There are a few steps you may want to follow to increase your odds of scoring highly on the AEPA exams once you determine what tests you need to take.

Designing a Study Schedule

If you are completing a bachelor's degree program in education, you may find that you are already somewhat prepared for the AEPA exams. However, it is still helpful to develop a study schedule that is tailored to the specific content of each exam.

You can do this by visiting the Arizona Department of Education website, which provides an online study plan you can use to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help create an individualized study schedule. Knowing how much ground you need to cover will help you set a realistic goal for when to take the exams.

Using Study Resources

There are a number of helpful online resources that you may want to take advantage of as you prepare for the AEPA exams. The AEPA website provides test frameworks for each exam that provide detailed information about the contest of the tests as well as the structure. You can also use these frameworks to learn about specific score information for each exam. also provides an array of study materials that could be helpful to you. For example, the AEPA study guides break down the content of each exam in digestible chunks so that students can be sure they have a clear understanding of what will appear on the tests.

In order to practice test-taking, you may also be interested in making use of the more than 40 AEPA practice exams available on

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Prospective Arizona teachers may be required to sit for several certification examinations, including a test of essential academic skills, an assessment of professional knowledge, subject area tests, and a test on the U.S. and Arizona constitutions.

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