Real Estate License Test Cost


How Much Does the Real Estate License Test Cost?

A license is required by every state; however, the specific requirements to obtain the license vary from state to state and the exam cost can range between $45 to $300.

In every state in the US, real estate salespeople are required to obtain a license. Real estate licenses are issued by a state's real estate commission or other state agency, and passing an exam is just one of several requirements that must be met in order to legally help others purchase and sell land and buildings.

Typically, you'll need to consider the costs of the following items as part of the cost of the exam, since these items will be required before you can take the exam.

Typical Items Needed to Sit for a Real Estate License Exam

  • Application fee: $80-$100
  • Fingerprinting: $25-$75
  • Background check: $20-$65
  • Real estate course: $300-$1500
  • Real estate exam fee: $45-$300

Note that these are typical price ranges to provide a general idea of the cost, but the actual fees and requirements may vary greatly from state to state. You can access information about your state's specific licensing requirements, including exam costs, using's Real Estate Resources page.

Prepping for the Real Estate Exam

Learn about what to expect on your state's real estate exam using's real estate courses. Try one of many real estate practice tests to discover what areas of the exam you need to focus on to be prepared. And you can use real estate exam flashcards for quick study of the main topic areas.

Whether you're interested in sales, brokerage, or appraisal, has real estate study guides to help you prepare for your field. Here are just some of's state-specific real estate study guides:

Real estate exams can be difficult to pass, but with proper preparation, you'll be on your way to passing and earning your real estate license. Read on to learn about the four exam-prep steps you should take in order to ace your test.

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