Should I Homeschool My Children?

Should I Homeschool My Children?

Whether or not to homeschool your child is a major life decision not to be taken lightly. Not only will your decision impact your child now and in the future, but it will also most certainly mean changes for the whole family. Let's have a look at some of the major areas of consideration that you'll need to think about as you make your decision:

Cost of Homeschooling

You'll need to consider the potential for a decrease in income due to time spent homeschooling your child as well as the costs associated with homeschooling itself. Learn more information about the costs associated with homeschooling compared to traditional schooling.

State Requirements for Homeschooling

Each state has different requirements for homeschooling. You'll need to ensure that you, as the homeschooling parent, can meet them. Be sure to review homeschooling requirements for each state before making the switch to homeschooling.

Home School Planning: Time Management and Scheduling

As much as we love our children, we parents need some time for ourselves on a regular basis. Homeschooling is likely to result in less available and less spontaneous me-time for parents. In addition to the time you'll spend directly instructing your child, remember to carve out time for administrative tasks and fulfilling other roles, too, like guidance counselor.

Luckily, has a lot of information and tools available to help you streamline your tasks, like our homeschool high school plans. And when your teenager is ready, turn to comprehensive information on preparing for college credit-granting exams and Advanced Placement coursework and exams.

Socialization for Homeschoolers

Traditional schooling offers unique social and emotional development opportunities that may be more challenging to provide in the homeschool environment. Knowing what those opportunities are and finding ways to include similar opportunities through other avenues is one important part of homeschooling for your children. Learn more about the functions of school before making a decision.


With homeschooling, you will have the flexibility to focus on your child's interests more than if your child attended any other school. So, you'll want to talk with your child about the options and do some research to ensure you make the most appropriate choices with regard to the curriculum. To get a better idea of what homeschool curriculum options are available, browse's index of thousands of online courses.


Most public schools post student names to the honor roll and publicly present trophies and other awards to provide students with public recognition for their achievements. Consider how your child's achievements might be recognized in the context of homeschool. For instance, your child may need to rely more heavily on voluntary standardized testing.

Additional Resources

We've compiled some additional resources that can help you on your way to making an informed decision about homeschooling.

Homeschooling is hard enough as it is, but balancing the needs of children of different ages makes the challenge all the more difficult. This blog post offers suggestions for how you can succeed when homeschooling your entire family.

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