Top Blogs for New Homeschool Parents

Instructor: Daniel Brown ranked the best websites and blogs in terms of providing information to new homeschool families, taking into account factors like quality, engagement and breadth of content. The sites appearing here were chosen from a shortlist of more than 400, covering a wide range of approaches to homeschooling.

The Top Homeschool Blogs for Parents New to Homeschooling

As the homeschooling community in the U.S. grows, so does the number of homeschool blogs. With so much information and advice out there, it can be hard to choose the path that's right for your family. That's why we decided to rank the best 15 blogs for new homeschool parents. Using a formula that weighs important aspects like quality, breadth of information, reach and audience engagement, we have combed through over 400 homeschool blogs to find the best ones for parents who are starting out on their homeschool journey.

1. Family Education provides information for parents on a variety of topics from conception to baby names to dealing with teen social issues - and, of course, homeschooling. Their homeschooling section provides a great range of tips and advice on anything you could want to know as a new homeschool parent, and it's all presented in a clean, attractive and accessible format. Articles are easy to read and they are packed full of useful information and examples. If you're looking for information on how to get established in the world of homeschooling, this is a great place to start.

2. SPED Homeschool

SPED Homeschool is a fun and attractive site with great information for new homeschooling parents. Formed and run by a group of veteran homeschoolers, SPED offers expert advice in three main categories: 'getting started', 'homeschool high school checklist', and 'homeschool law'. Each of these categories really puts the challenges faced by new homeschooling parents into focus, keeping things simple and providing links to extra reading where appropriate. They even link to external pages where more valuable information can be found - a truly altruistic source of great homeschooling information!

3. Lets Homeschool High School

Homeschooling has undergone a revolution in recent years, and Let's Homeschool High School is keen to meet that fact head-on. Their 'Absolute Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling High School' acknowledges the many reasons parents may wish to continue their child's high school education at home, dispelling myths and preconceptions about homeschooling before providing a step-by-step guide to getting started. Their blog articles are rich with information, covering a wide breadth of topics and providing numerous useful links to additional reading and resources.

4. The Coalition for Responsible Home Education

The CRHE is an evidence-based organization offering resources, information and advice to ensure that children educated at home receive the support, care and protection they need to flourish. Their pages of advice span a broad range of categories including homeschool law, responsible homeschooling, and socialization. Their information is clear, accessible and well-organized, and the CRHE consistently places the needs of the child at the heart of their advice.

5. The Homeschool Mom

Started in 2000, The Homeschool Mom has been around for almost as long as the Internet itself! Offering advice and practical resources for families at every stage of the homeschooling process, the blog is easily navigable through its simple menu, offering groups of posts for 'Homeschooling 101' alongside 'Homeschool High School' and 'Help by Subject'. Their posts not only are well-organized into clear sections and include links to additional reading, but also demystify common homeschooling jargon like 'deschooling' and 'hybrid homeschooling.'

6. Techie Homeschool Mom

With a clear focus on digital technology, Techie Homeschool Mom blends tech advice with straightforward homeschooling know-how. Their 'How to Start Homeschooling' post provides a great introduction to the key considerations involved in getting started with homeschooling, while their tech posts cover all sorts of topics from online curricula and hardware reviews to the implementation of sensible practices when dealing with children and smartphones - vital information for the modern household.

7. Raising Lifelong Learners

Raising Lifelong Learners has a specific focus on homeschooling children who are Twice Exceptional (2E), a term used to describe those who are academically gifted and also experience a learning difficulty. This site's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Gifted Children takes the reader on a journey through a range of topics, from the nature of giftedness to asynchronous learning to advice on homeschooling children with particular needs. One of the best things about this blog is that it's not afraid to link to external sites where readers can find more information, an approach we really like!

8. My Joy Filled Life

My Joy Filled Life is a fun, friendly and approachable website that deals with all things homeschool and family life. The blog is packed with interesting and original advice on all aspects of homeschool, from forming a coherent vision for your homeschool, to providing an effective education while suffering from chronic illness, to podcast recommendations. Posts offer an authentic, personal perspective from a position of lived experience, with lots of great ideas and practical advice for homeschooling successfully through the good times and the bad.

9. Homeschool World

Homeschool World is the web-presence of Practical Homeschooling Magazine. Posts are absolutely packed with information, and the site boasts an impressive roll-call of writers and columnists who contribute knowledgeably about all things homeschool, from the personal to the political, and from local to national issues. They cater to both Christian and secular audiences with curriculum links to a wide range of subjects representing various ideologies, and they provide information relevant to all student age groups, from kindergarten to college level students.

10. Nourishing My Scholar

Nourishing My Scholar is another blog personally run by a homeschooling mother where the passion for homeschooling really shines through. Posts combine important, factual information with an approach that places the audience's own family and needs first, consistently reminding the reader that what is right for some might not be the solution for all. There's also a real emphasis on hands-on, active schooling where forging closer parent-child relationships and following a child's passions are placed at the center of the homeschooling experience.

11. Calgary's Child

Another web-facing presence of a print magazine, has an extensive set of resources and articles aimed at those new to homeschooling life. Topics deal with an impressive array of issues, from how to navigate the ever-changing homeschool landscape, to educating students at different ages, to 'Tips From the Trenches: 10 Home School Mistakes to Avoid'. Information is laid out in a user-friendly format with regular headings providing a scannable road-map to each article and links to external sites where appropriate.

12. My Little Poppies

Another blog that focuses on homeschooling exceptional children, My Little Poppies presents a friendly and engaging tone that delivers great advice around building up slowly from small foundations. Created by a school psychologist, the site acknowledges the weight placed on homeschooling parents' shoulders. After all, it's only natural that taking a child out of school to give them a tailored education could cause a little self-doubt! Difficult issues are taken seriously but given a light personal touch, showing empathy and providing solid advice to all the unexpected homeschoolers out there.

13. Intoxicated on Life

Intoxicated on Life has a great Homeschooling 101 area that explores a wide range of curriculum approaches. These posts give good insight into methods that new homeschoolers may be aware of but not yet familiar with, such as Montessori and Charlotte Mason, alongside the more traditional classical and text-book approaches. The focus here is on the parents' vision for their homeschool, the philosophies they want to adopt, and the way they want their children to interact with the world when the homeschool journey is complete.

14. Homeschool Super Freak

Homeschool Super Freak turns preconceived notions about home education on their head, instead embracing the freedom, independence and creativity it can provide. The site is designed to be useful and accessible to a wide audience, showing understanding of the spectrum of people's beliefs, and the broad family contexts they can have. Posts are packed with links to external sites, the personal tone and conversational style is really engaging, and the breadth and detail of information provided is excellent.

15. Homeschooling With Dyslexia

Homeschooling With Dyslexia is neatly categorized into sections on dyslexia, academics, grade levels, teaching tips, encouragement, resources and life skills. More than that, it provides a fascinating insight into a homeschool journey that started out with high hopes, quickly ran into self-doubt and a child-diagnosis of dyslexia, then progressed successfully through hard work, personal growth and learning through experience. Posts are heartfelt and the advice provided is clear, helpful and filled with the wisdom of first-hand understanding.


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