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If you are a laboratory professional interested in taking your career to the next level, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)'s Board of Certification offers many credentialing exams in many categories. Professional credentials are available for medical laboratory scientists, technologists, technicians and specialists, in a range of areas such as chemistry, histotechnology, microbiology, phlebotomy and more. Earning the right credential for you is an excellent way to demonstrate to employers and other laboratory professionals that you are knowledgeable, involved and highly dedicated to your chosen career field. Each credential has different requirements for eligibility, but always culminates in an exam. At, you'll find all the content and tools you need to forge your own path to test day success, right here in our comprehensive ASCP study guides.

Our study guides contain complete, expert-developed rundowns of the content you'll find on your ASCP exams. They're complete ASCP prep courses that you can finish anywhere, anytime and on your own time. Our video lessons are quick and engaging, giving you an effective review that's easy to squeeze into a busy schedule. Each video lesson includes a full transcript, and the corresponding quizzes will help you understand and remember the material. Work your way up to the cumulative chapter test, which will give you instant guidance towards the areas you may need to revisit. Because our ASCP study guides are completely online, you have the flexibility to decide when and how you want to study and review, whether you're using a computer or the app on your mobile device. Set your own goals with our scheduling tool and enjoy 24/7 access to our team of laboratory science experts, who are ready to help you with any questions you may have about the ASCP.

Even after you've completed your ASCP prep course, there are still plenty of opportunities to hone your knowledge and skills. In fact, our full-length ASCP practice tests offer virtually endless opportunities to challenge yourself because each test is randomly generated, so it's a fresh practice test every time! We also use the same style of question that you'll see on the real thing, so our practice tests are a great way to assess your knowledge of ASCP materials and familiarize yourself with the ASCP format before test day. Try one of our free sample ASCP practice tests; it's only fifteen questions and there's no sign-up required. We'll give you real feedback that you can use to chart your course, identifying your strengths, weaker areas, and pointing you to toward the information you need to review.

Preparing for a test can be stressful, with many policies to remember and pitfalls to avoid. That's why our ASCP study guides also contain a library of helpful ASCP informational resources designed to help clear up any questions and confusion you may have about your exam's rules and instructions. You can get answers about registering for the ASCP, requesting accommodations or a retake, how much it costs, how the tests are scored and more. We've even got special ASCP study tips to make sure you're totally prepared for test day.

So what are you waiting for? Our high quality ASCP study guides contain all the resources you need combined with ultimate flexibility and a risk-free, money-back guarantee. Try our 15-question practice test and get ready for ASCP success today!

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