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The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) are used for teacher certification purposes in the state of California. Developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), these exams are designed to measure the knowledge that California educators need to teach various academic subjects. Each type of test is different. The CBEST is a comprehensive standardized test that measures your proficiency in reading, writing and math. The CSETs are subject-specific exams that assess your understanding in individual subjects, such as art, business, health science, mathematics, music, social science and Spanish.

If you need to take the CBEST or a CSET to fulfill your California teacher certification requirements, let us help you prepare efficiently for test day! You might begin with our researched and up-to-date CBEST/CSET resources to learn more about the CBEST and CSET exams, and determine which exams align with your career aspirations. You'll learn everything you need regarding CBEST/CSET registration, scoring, requirements, test dates, and more.

Once you determine which CBEST/CSET exam you need to take, we'll show how to get ready for your test. We offer a suite of CBEST/CSET test preparation tools, which include personalized CBEST/CSET courses, tutoring options, engaging lessons and full CBEST/CSET practice exams. Not sure where to start? You can begin by completing a free 15-question practice test for the CBEST/CSET exam you plan on taking. This assessment follows the style of the actual CBEST/CSET exams, and it's designed to assess your prior knowledge and identify the content areas you should spend time studying.

Once you know what you'll need to study, you can choose to access our customized CBEST/CSET study guides. Our study guides include flexible and engaging video courses with quizzes and practice exams. To make sure you remember the most important concepts for test day, our instructors have crafted their lessons to highlight important terms and topics in a way that's easy to digest. These bite-sized lessons help you quickly move through the course material, and the course's 24/7 availability allows you to study whenever you have free time.

So that you're comfortable with the exam's question format, difficulty level, and content, we've included full CBEST and CSET practice tests that you can take with each course. These interactive practice tests will diagnose your readiness for the exam by showing you what you got right and what topics you should spend more time studying.

We also want to make sure that you're able to fit studying time into your daily routine. When you know your test date, you can keep track of your study progress through our custom study schedule. This lets you receive email reminders of what lessons and assessments you need to review each day.

Have a question while studying? No problem! Reach out to our expert tutors if you have questions about the exams or any of the material. They're available 24/7 and glad to help.

Get started today by taking your free 15-question CBEST/CSET practice test. There's no sign up required and no risk involved. Let us help you start your California teacher certification journey today!

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Adrian P.

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