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How do I homeschool?

There are a variety of ways to implement a homeschooling program. First, investigate any state requirements; next, decide on a curriculum that is right for your child. Learn how to get started.

What are the pros & cons of homeschooling programs?

There are several factors to weigh when making the decision to homeschool your student. Start by considering the state you live in, your budget, and your child's learning style. An informed understanding of the pros and cons may lead to a more successful start with your family's homeschooling program.

How much do homeschooling programs cost?

Homeschooling costs vary widely and may range from a few hundred dollars to almost $3,000 a year per student. Key factors include curriculum, materials, tools, and supplies; understand how these factors could affect your family's costs.

What makes a good resource for homeschooling parents? is an all-in-one membership with everything you need to homeschool, including fun and engaging video lessons for all subjects and grades, comprehensive assessments, instructor support, and study scheduling. Explore how we can support your homeschool journey.

How do I evaluate homeschool curriculum?

The best homeschool curriculum is one that fits both your child's educational needs and interests, and any subject and assessment guides relevant to your state. It's important to evaluate the accuracy and thoroughness of any curriculum - look for resources with courses created by experts and aligned with academic standards like Common Core and ACE. Online instruction like can provide these qualifications plus flexible, adaptable coursework for all learning styles and educational goals.

How many hours a day are children in a homeschool program?

Many states do not have a prescribed daily amount for children to spend homeschooling -- one of the advantages of homeschooling can be that it is more flexible than traditional schooling. However, some states, like Georgia and South Carolina, do require a certain numbers of hours per day. It is best to check the specific guidelines for your state.

What are some homeschool field trip ideas?

Field trips demonstrate real-life applications of the concepts your child is learning and allow them to explore art and culture in person. Consider visiting planetariums, aquariums, museums, and local farms, among others. Get additional outside-the-box ideas for homeschool field trips.

What is the success rate of students in homeschool programs?

Based on their curricular homeschool goals, each homeschool family may define success differently. While a small minority of total K-12 students in the United States are homeschooled, data suggests that their standardized test scores and college admission rates are at least as good as public school students, if not better.

Do homeschool students take standardized tests?

Whether or not your child must take standardized tests depends on what state you live in, as there is no national standard for homeschooled students in the U.S. Understand how to research these requirements, and what to expect from your state.

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