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Earning a state-approved professional educator's license in Illinois requires you to pass tests within the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS). These tests will vary depending on the grade levels and subject areas you want to teach. First-time candidates have additional requirements too, such as a performance assessment and a basic academic skills test. Ensuring you understand and are prepared for these exams can be a real headache.

Luckily, is your one-stop ILTS prep and practice resource! Our ILTS study guides have everything you need to get you into shape for test day, online, anytime. Get started with a totally free 15-question practice test that matches the ILTS exam you need to pass. Not only will you get a sneak peek at real ILTS content, but you'll get instant feedback on your performance and our suggestions as to where you should focus your review.

When you're ready to study, dive into our ILTS prep courses! They're developed by experts and align specifically to Illinois standards, so you can be sure that you'll cover everything that you'll encounter on your exam. We break down each exam's major subjects into bite-sized video lessons that are fun to watch and easy to work into any schedule. Each lesson comes complete with a full transcript and a quiz to help you master the material, and chapter tests provide a more comprehensive view of where you stand with your exam.

When it's time for a challenge, head for our full-length ILTS practice tests. We have hundreds of practice questions, containing real ILTS content and designed to mimic the real ILTS format. You'll get a completely unique assortment of questions every time you try a new practice test, keeping test prep fresh and effective.

When you're preparing for test day, you'll definitely want to be well-informed. Check out our library of ILTS resources for important and current information on Illinois licensure testing policies. We'll tell you how to register correctly and what you should do if you need special arrangements, such as accommodations or a retake. Also, we've got info on the latest fees, scoring rules and other policies that will ensure a smooth and stress-free testing.

Online access 24/7 means you can prepare and practice anytime, anywhere you have a computer or a mobile device. Our customizable study schedules let you set your own goal dates and structure your prep time the way you want. We'll keep you on track with email reminders, and the course dashboard lets you know at a glance what you've already completed. Whenever you need a little extra help, our educational experts are there for you with quick answers and guidance.

Our ILTS study guides have everything you need to succeed in one convenient toolkit, and come with a money back guarantee if you aren't totally satisfied. Your journey to success on the ILTS begins today with your free 15-question practice test!

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I wasted a lot of time searching for the exact and precise information on Google prior to has the exact information you need to pass the TExES science exam. You can rewind the videos and you can always email instructors if you do not understand something-they reply right away. Everything on helped me pass my exam. I did all the quizzes and practice exams. I have no doubt I will use this source again once I start teaching. I will also recommend this website to anybody that needs it.

Ana G.
Passed - TExES Science 7-12
Ana G. was amazing! It allowed me to take a pretest to see what exactly I needed to study. Then I could not only read information but watch videos to help me learn. It was very rigorous and exactly what I needed to pass.

Amber S.
Passed - TExES Science 4-8 takes you through each one of the listed subjects on the FTCE page and caters to your learning style. They offer a video, transcript of the video, quizzes, and review test at the end of each unit. Seriously the best study guide I have ever used. I will definitely use this for my General Knowledge test!! Thank you for literally saving my career!

Jacqueline C.
Passed - FTCE Middle Grades General Science 5-9
Jacqueline C.

I had downloaded the state study guide but it wasn't effective. Once I started with I was able to study in between classes and during my planning period. I was also able to study while running errands with my wife. The practice tests and quizzes were highly effective and gave me confidence to take the test.

Martin M.
Passed - FTCE Business Education 6-12
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