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What are the four steps of art history operations?
What are the branches of art history?
What is the study of aesthetics?
What is an argument the author, Rudy Francisco, made in the poem, Adrenaline Rush?
What subjects did artists paint as a response to the start of mass production?
What does the Statue of Liberty mean to American citizens?
How was the Renaissance an example of diffusion?
What is social art history?
What is global art history?
What is contemporary art history?

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Issues in Creating Sculptures
Processes in Sculpting
Different Kinds of Film Studios
Quiz & Assessment - How Islamic Art Influenced European Art
Quiz & Assessment - Art History as an Academic Discipline
Life of Oscar Wilde: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Architect Sir Norman Foster
Le Corbusier Works
Architect Le Corbusier
Gehry & Deconstructivism

Art and Design

Art and design is a broad category that encompasses all of the disciplines grouped under the heading of "art" and some additional areas. Art generally refers to any activity or product that involves human expression and imagination. A drawing or painting qualifies as art, as does a choreographed dance work or a musical composition. The creative process that leads to a finished product or performance is an important element in identifying art. This same creative process is involved in what we call "design," a term that includes applied or functional artistic endeavors, like architecture, graphic design, and product design. In today's technology-driven world, recently developed fields like game design are also included under the umbrella of art and design.

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