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1. Assume the football team is set up as a general limited liability company (LLC) and that Lenny, Sarah, and Sam are the owners of the LLC. Lenny, Sarah and Sam are properly referred to as: members.
SHORT ANSWER (SPACE TO WRITE ON NEXT PAGE) Jimmy Joe Thudpucker and his sister, Linda-Lou Thudpucker are starting a carpet and flooring business here in Winchester. Jimmy will do the installations wo
Briefly name and describe some organizational forms other than corporations that provide owners with limited liability.
Is an LLC a partnership or S corporation?
What are the advantages and disadvantages to a business of being formed as a partnership or sole proprietorship?
Choosing a partnership as a tax entity has consequences, and those consequences often are different than those that arise from choosing the corporate form. Many of these consequences can be quite dram
Marketing and Operations are oftentimes identified as the backbone of any business in any sector providing any product or service. The Marketing and Operations departments are in-charge of knowing wha
Jerry Weiss, a student at CBU, has developed a new diet drink, WeighBGone. He has asked you to join him in a business venture, to make and sell WeighBGone. Jerry does not understand business law. Prep
What is the most important difference between a corporation and all other organizational forms?
Brad Edwards is earning $45,000 a year in a city located in the Midwest. He is interviewing for a position in a city with a cost of living 12 percent higher than where he currently lives. What is the

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Characteristics of a Business
How Business Can Improve the Standard of Living
Strategies for Managing a Small Business
Characteristics of Business Organizations
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Business Definition

As a field, business encompasses all aspects of the business world including the process of buying, selling, and producing goods and services. Subfields related to business include management and marketing. Professions in business include careers in accounting, computer science, economics, law, human resources, and finance. Typically, when someone decides to go into business, they take classes in money and banking, international business strategy, and investment. Not only are these skills critical for specific business professions, they also fuel national and global economies.

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