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Which business organizations limit the liability of some or all of their owners to the extent of their investment in the company?
What is a business organization that receives the limited liability of a corporation but is taxed as a proprietorship or partnership?
Which business forms have stockholders with limited liability?
Three friends have just graduated, each with a B.Mgt. degree. One wants to start a restaurant and another wants to work as a subcontractor in a building trade. The third friend wants to put togethe
This week's assignment consists of envisioning a business idea and submitting a one page minimum paper in which you identity the business including its mission vision, product or service and descri
Briefly describe two general conditions that must exist in order for an expert system to be appropriately adopted by any organization. Briefly describe two benefits of using these expert systems.
Which one of the following business types is best suited to raising large amounts of capital? a. limited partnership. b. corporation. c. sole proprietorship. d. limited liability company. e. g
When can the corporate veil be lifted under the Corporations Act to make directors liable for corporate debts?
Explain the strengths and weaknesses of Multi-domestic strategy, Global strategy, and Transnational strategy for Microsoft to improve its global business. Based on your answer, which strategy would
Your firm has built a manufacturing plant not too far from a large European city. You are a member of a management team that is charged with designing employment contracts that promote high effort

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Establishing a Business in Massachusetts
Business Entity Types & Legal Protection
Business Start-Up Process & Factors
Characteristics of a Business
How Business Can Improve the Standard of Living
Strategies for Managing a Small Business
Characteristics of Business Organizations
Legal Factors Affecting a Business

Business Definition

As a field, business encompasses all aspects of the business world including the process of buying, selling, and producing goods and services. Subfields related to business include management and marketing. Professions in business include careers in accounting, computer science, economics, law, human resources, and finance. Typically, when someone decides to go into business, they take classes in money and banking, international business strategy, and investment. Not only are these skills critical for specific business professions, they also fuel national and global economies.

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