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What does high dependency unit mean?
Which of the following options is correct? Anatomy means to a. cut apart. b. study function. c. become specialized. d. feel. e. listen.
Which of the following is the study of the body by systems, such as the cardiovascular, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems? a. Containment and structural anatomy b. Superficial to deep anatomy
Which of the following options is correct? Anatomy is the study of a. function. b. inheritance. c. disease. d. structure. e. humans.
Define the prefix, Epi-.
Why does K mean thousand?
What is a plane in anatomy and physiology?
True or false? Germline therapy is legal in the US today.
Anatomy is the study of __________, while physiology is the study of __________. a. function; purpose b. function; structure c. structure; function d. structure; configuration e. purpose; func
What is the term for listening to sound(s) within the human body?

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Effects of Medicine on Human Evolution
Scientific vs Holistic Medicine
Role of Hospitals
Healthy People 2020 & HRQoL
Patient Preparation & Diagnostic Testing in Nursing
Germline Therapy
External Structures of Animals: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Plant Anatomy: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
What is Anatomy? - Quiz & Worksheet for Kids
Exercise Facts: Quiz & Worksheet for Kids

Health & Medicine

Health and medicine, also referred to as health care, is an industry concerned with managing illness and promoting good physical and mental health. This field specifically focuses on preventing and treating illnesses as well as maintaining wellness according to the advice given by medical professionals. Within the field of health and medicine, there are several subfields that dive deeper into certain types of health. Some of these subfields include mental health, nutrition, exercise science, pediatrics, and rehabilitation. Health and medicine impacts individuals, family units, communities, and global populations. For this reason, the industry attempts to make information available to everyone, and to provide health services to as many people as possible.

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