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What is the limitation of academic discipline?
What information can historians learn by studying relative chronology?
What was William Prescott's childhood like?
At what age does the ageing process stop?
What is modern historiography?
Find the order of magnitude of your age in seconds.
How can Francois Furet be analyzed through the historiography of the French Revolution? I am struggling to pin point him to a certain distinction of historiography because it seems like he combines
What is history as a field of study, what are its methods and sources?
Did Bertrand Russell know F. Scott Fitzgerald?
What's an example of a current news event that could be characterized as either "a great persons" or "Zeitgeist" interpretation of historical and social progress?

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Identifying Historical Sub-Fields
Defining History in Academia
Music in History Instruction
Relationships Among Social Science Domains
Viewing Web History
Origins of Social Science
Overview of 19th Century Historiography
Overview of 20th Century Historiography
Historiography in the Enlightenment Era
Overview of Early Historiography


History is a branch of the Humanities that studies past human culture, events and interactions. History differs from archaeology in that historians primarily deal with written records, while archaeologists study the material remains of past cultures. Professional historians often specialize in a particular era of history, such as Medieval Europe, the Renaissance or 19th century America. They may also focus on a particular area, such as cultural history or military history. Many historians work as teachers at high schools or universities, while others find employment with the government or other institutions. A knowledge of foreign languages is a great asset to any historian.

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