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What effect is created when the vocal cords are stretched?
A graphic that describes political reality is called a
A cappella choral music is meant to be
How to say garlic in Spanish
How do you say bee in French?
How do you say hero in French?
How do you say Switzerland in French?
What is celebrated at La Calle Ocho?
What does a historian do?
Dynamics in music refers to

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Significance of Radio & TV on Humanities
Literature's Influence on Self-Expression
Accountability & Transparency in the Workplace
Identifying Historical Sub-Fields
Defining History in Academia
Implementing Good Governance
Good Governance & Economic Development
Accountability & Transparency in Good Governance
Quiz & Assessment - Islamic Calligraphy Overview
Quiz & Assessment - Art History as an Academic Discipline

Humanities Definition

Humanities is a broad range of academic disciplines that focuses on the cultural and creative aspects of human nature. Whereas the natural sciences seek to investigate the world empirically, the humanities focus more on the qualitative aspects of what it means to be human. This includes using subjective methods to describe the actions, intentions, and behaviors of humans. The humanities include fields such as anthropology, archaeology, history, law, linguistics, and the visual and performing arts. Someone who studies the humanities is known as a "humanist".

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