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What is the study of criminology?
What does compleanos mean?
What does weary mean?
What does el comedor mean in English?
What does La Navidad mean?
What does 'du bist' mean in German?
What's the opposite of always?
What does uninformed mean?
What does como te llama mean in Spanish?
What does un rato mean in Spanish?

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Computers in Mass Communication
Denotation & Connotation in Type
Identifying Historical Sub-Fields
Defining History in Academia
Sociological Approach to Organizations
Bias in Personality Research
Architect Daniel Burnham
Intellectual Property & Social Science Research
Economic Activity
Politics & Economics in Psychology

What is Social Science?

Social science is the study of cultural and social influences on human behaviors and the overall functioning of society. Once considered behavioral science, social science evaluates social groups, power, government and social systems, individuals and interactions, ethnicities, and regional characteristics that help to define a society. The branches of this field include subjects like anthropology, economics, ethnic studies, gender studies, history, human geography, linguistics, political science, sociology, and social psychology. Social science developed as a scientific field around the 18th century although the intricacies of society were being studied centuries before it became an academic focus.

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