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Earn the educator licensure you need to teach in Massachusetts schools by participating in the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) program. This program offers exams that test educator candidates' literacy and communication skills while ensuring they have the knowledge to teach subject areas like biology, history, physical education and speech. If you're preparing for an upcoming MTEL program test and want to feel confident in your exam content knowledge, test-taking abilities and general understanding of the program, look no further than! Our full suite of MTEL test prep tools and resources can give you the confidence boost you need to ace your upcoming exam. makes studying simple and effective by offering comprehensive MTEL study guides that feature full-length courses, hundreds of practice test questions and a variety of MTEL informational resources. To start on the right track with your test preparations, browse our study guides to locate one that correlates with the MTEL exam you plan to take. Next, take one of one of our free 15-question MTEL practice tests to receive a detailed breakdown of your current understanding of key exam concepts. The practice test pinpoints areas of strength and weakness and provides you with study recommendations that make the most of your time.

After signing up with, you'll gain full access to MTEL courses filled with engaging video lessons and text transcripts designed to maximize your mastery of concepts covered on MTEL tests. The bite-sized lessons are fun to review, easy to grasp and feature short multiple-choice quizzes that provide a quick snapshot of your understanding and progress in the course. Our full-length MTEL practice tests mimic actual MTEL tests by matching their style, content and format of questions. After completing a practice test, you will receive a diagnostic report that identifies correct answers and shares lessons you can review to strengthen any areas of weakness.

While preparing for your MTEL exam, be sure to take full advantage of our MTEL resources, created to give you a complete understanding of the MTEL program. These informational resources offer general information about MTEL as well as details about which exam(s) are required based on the subject area you want to teach. You'll also learn all about the MTEL registration process, test dates, what constitutes a passing score and how to receive your MTEL test results. If you're looking for the best MTEL test prep strategies, we have those too!

Need help clarifying any details presented in the course lessons? Our online tutors are accessible 24/7 and can provide fast responses to your tough questions. Be sure to download our convenient app so you can watch lessons and take quizzes on the go. Also, take advantage of our study schedule planner that lets you set a test prep completion date then receive email reminders from us to help you stay on track.

There's no end to the benefits you can receive by making your preferred MTEL test prep solution. By using our MTEL study guides, courses, practice tests and informational resources, you'll be well on your way to earning educator licensure in Massachusetts. With our money-back guarantee, you have no risks or obligations, so get started by taking a free 15-question MTEL practice test today!

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I am a 40 year old that was studying for the Praxis. It has been a VERY long time since i had to study for anything and made the material SO digestible and accessible. It was so well organized that it eased my anxiety so much! I didn't get through the entire course (but that's on me!) but what I did helped me SO much - I would definitely recommend it in the future to anyone, even my own kids!

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Jennifer G.
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