Working Scholars
Help your employees earn
a college degree
Prepare your next generation of leaders
and attract top talent

The benefits to your organization

User Experience

Utilization is key to an impactful learning and development strategy.'s short, self-paced lessons give employees power to learn the skills they need on demand. Employees can learn by watching videos online or on a mobile device.
Microlearning to Fit Any Busy Schedule
Lessons are 4-6 minutes long and each has an accompanying quiz to demonstrate learning.
Learn On the Go
Mobile apps, for iOS and Android, bring learning to the palm of your hand. Lessons can be downloaded for offline viewing.
Stackable Towards a Degree
Employees can get the foundational skills they need to immediately improve their performance, while earning college credit that counts towards a degree.
Employees progress through their courses and earn credit by demonstrating mastery.

How it Works

  • Earning the degree

  • Coaching every step of the way

  • How long it takes

Degrees & Credentials

Working adults want a simple way to complete their degree from a reputable university without incurring debt. Employers that meet this need will have a competitive advantage with attracting, developing, and retaining top talent.'s self-paced college courses not only reduce the cost of a traditional college degree, but also offer flexibility for working adults with busy schedules.
How It Works
Degree Plan
Complete a degree plan with a
Success Coach
Complete Courses
Take college courses on & reduce tuition costs
Transfer Credits
Transfer credits to your choice of 1,500+ schools
Graduate with your college degree!

Enterprise Solutions

We've worked with CLO & L&D leaders at top companies to build's world-class Enterprise Solution

Companies we partner with:

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