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Over 79,000 video lessons & teaching resources — all in one place.'s collection of lessons and teaching resources will save you time and reinvigorate your classroom. Engage your students with our collection of bite-sized, animated video lessons for every subject and level, from elementary through college. Reduce your workload with our ready-to-use lesson plans, quizzes, and printable worksheets. Differentiate for your students with custom courses, scheduling tools, transcripts, and other resources.

Whatever subject you teach, we've got you covered

  • 79,000 + bite-sized video lessons across all subjects
  • 12,000+ lesson plans, activities, projects ideas, and more
  • 250 FREE student accounts and unlimited virtual classrooms
  • Printable assessments, worksheets and lesson transcripts
  • Online gradebook and dashboard to monitor student progress & scores

Save 50% + Free Student Accounts

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Show videos in class to introduce and review concepts

Our expert instructors break down concepts from every subject with bite-sized, animated video lessons. Access our entire collection of over 79,000 videos and help your students visualize difficult concepts and stay engaged. You can also customize videos to encourage critical thinking and review concepts by creating text slides that appear during playback, and each video is accompanied by a written transcript to support various learning needs including ELL. Finally, encourage collaboration by assessing students' understanding with an interactive Quiz Party game.

Engage students with bite-sized video lessons
Create custom courses with personal video playlists to suit your curriculum
Customize videos by inserting up to 10 text slides per lesson
Display closed captions for any video lesson
Skip to specific concepts using the video timeline

Share videos and quizzes with students

Create virtual classrooms and start assigning lessons and quizzes to all your students. Monitor student progress on our dashboard, or export scores and grades into Excel.

Supplement lessons with worksheets, assessments & other resources

Enrich your teaching with printable worksheets & fill-in-the-blank video transcripts, along with over 12,000 lesson plans and other student activities. Take advantage of a vast library of teaching resources, just a few clicks away!

printing assessments
Print worksheets and lesson transcripts
Save time preparing for class with lesson plans, activities & more
Review concepts with an interactive quiz game
worksheets, quizzes and Quiz Party

What teachers are saying about

I am a middle school special education math teacher. Trying to find videos that explain very basic math concepts that aren't juvenile or elementary is difficult. Your videos are easy to follow and to the point. Now my students don't roll their eyes when I say we are watching a video about math!
This is exactly what I've been looking for: it meets my needs - and those of my students - perfectly. Thank you has been a great help for me. Sometimes I am teaching, and don't have books for my students. helps me to understand what content to cover
I'm a new teacher to World history and the videos really help make the knowledge concise for my students and myself. Thank You team!!!
My students love it, it keeps them engaged, brings to life concepts that we are learning about and gives me great feedback! I've already shared it with at least 3 of my colleagues and we just got my principal to get us a license for 4 of us at our school!
I use to introduce concepts and give the student a chance to have a flipped classroom approach to homework.
Save 50% + Free Student Accounts
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