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Are you an aspiring teacher in Texas who is looking to maximize your score on your certification exams? The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES for short) are a set of standardized tests that almost every teacher in Texas must pass. There are TExES exams covering everything from Elementary Social Studies to Health to Marketing. Which exams you need to pass is dependent on which subjects you plan to teach. Regardless of the topic, the TExES exams all test for deep and comprehensive knowledge in their subject area(s). The stakes are high; for prospective Texas teachers, these exams are the most important step in getting your credential and getting into the classroom!

Luckily for all of you soon-to-be new teachers out there, offers TExES test prep materials to help you pass your exams and get on to more important things, like sculpting the great minds of tomorrow. We have test prep resources for 39 TExES exams, including the Core Subjects exams and their subtests. Our TExES study guides are the perfect tool to help you prepare for these exams so that you are confident when test day rolls around.

You can begin your journey with one of our free 15 question practice tests. These free practice tests are designed to help gauge your current level of knowledge and give you specific feedback on areas where you could improve to boost your TExES score. members also receive access to thousands of additional study questions to test their knowledge!

Once you've narrowed in on those topics that require your attention, it's time to get down to studying. Our comprehensive TExES courses are specially designed to teach you all the content you need to know to pass the test. Each course is composed of bite-sized video lessons, which allow you to focus in on specific concepts to really cement your understanding. Each lesson is also followed by a short quiz, so you can assess your understanding every step of the way. We even have an easy to use study planning tool to help you plan and track your studying, so you'll always know whether you are on track.

Once you've completed the course, take one of our comprehensive TExES practice tests. These full practice tests are built to mimic the content and structure of questions from the actual TExES exams to help prepare you for the test experience. They also provide additional in-depth feedback so that you know exactly what to review. We guarantee that once you've mastered the concepts in our study guides you'll have all the tools you need to pass your TExES exams, or your money back!

Take the first step towards acing your TExES exams, and try one of our free TExES practice tests today!

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Teachers recommend for TExES test prep was amazing! It allowed me to take a pretest to see what exactly I needed to study. Then I could not only read information but watch videos to help me learn. It was very rigorous and exactly what I needed to pass.

Amber S.
Passed - TExES Science 4-8

I wasted a lot of time searching for the exact and precise information on Google prior to has the exact information you need to pass the TExES science exam. You can rewind the videos and you can always email instructors if you do not understand something-they reply right away. Everything on helped me pass my exam. I did all the quizzes and practice exams. I have no doubt I will use this source again once I start teaching. I will also recommend this website to anybody that needs it.

Ana G.
Passed - TExES Science 7-12
Ana G.

I had a short turnaround timeframe before the test and the modules helped me to focus on topics daily and prepare in an organized fashion. I took all the modules initially to determine baseline knowledge and then reviewed the chapters beginning with the ones I had the least knowledge in and building. The quizzes and practice tests were great and the transcripts helped me to cover all topics.

Teresa A.N.
Passed - TExES Health EC-12

I found useful because they always started with a short introduction for each topic and would remind you of a past concept briefly. I also liked how the materials were broken up into short videos that included example problems and ended with a 5 question quiz to reinforce your mastery of the material. At the end of major topic there would be a big practice exam. With, learning the material seems manageable because everything is broken up and not just all thrown at you at once.

Lan P.
Passed - TExES Chemistry 7-12 and TExES Science 7-12
Lan P.
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